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Building in Public – Expense Tracker 02: Design and Sketch

Iā€™m building an expense tracker app, and live streaming the whole process! This blog series is a written form of each livestream.

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The second video was all about the design.

I brainstormed what the app would look like as a high-fidelity design, and what the colors would be.

I used Sketch, a macOS application to take my low-fidelity sketch to a high-fidelity sketch. In the end though, my design skills weren’t great and I really just made straight lines compared to my hand-drawn drawing. They looked practically the same šŸ˜‚

Low fidelity sketch on the left | High fidelity sketch on the right

Here’s a few of the colors I found using Coolors. These aren’t final by any means. I really like the red and green for income and expense, but I will probably just end up using the iOS system colors.

Red, several shades of blue, and two shades of green.


02 Expense Tracker – Design & Sketch | Building in Public Livestream | Mikaela Caron