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Building in Public – Expense Tracker 01: Introduction

I’m building an expense tracker app, and live streaming the whole process!

This is a blog series that will be like a written form of each livestream.

I won’t be going into the technical details of everything but instead summarizing the livestream.

First Livestream

The first livestream was an introduction to what the app is and how each livestream will work. I have a recap video (currently editing) that I’ll also link below when it’s finished.

I used Mockup to make a low-fidelity sketch of the app. It will have a sidebar with Dashboard, Income, Expenses, and Settings as the main screens.

Each screen will show different SwiftUI charts. Later on the income / expenses screens there will be a plus button for entering new transactions.

Settings will manage the different income and expense categories.

This app will be an MVP, minimum viable product, with the goal of replacing my current spreadsheet for managing my freelance business.

Some info about this app series:

  • Multi-platform SwiftUI app
    • Starting with iPadOS
  • SwiftUI only (as much as possible)
  • Using iOS 16 and Xcode 14 beta
  • SwiftUI Charts
    • Custom backend written with Vapor and using PosgreSQL as the database
    • Using PassKeys for authentication
  • Target Market: Freelancers / solo small business owners to keep track of their income and expenses
    • Not for personal expenses


01 Expense Tracker Introduction | Building in Public Livestream | Mikaela Caron


Video Coming Soon!

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