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📱 My Apps

Spatial Effects – visionOS app to view and modify particle emitter effects.

Basic Car Maintenance – An app to track your car’s maintenance (oil changes, tire rotation, etc). Open source, contribute for Hacktoberfest 2023 and beyond!

Job Application Tracker – An app to track your job applications.

Social Media

@mikaelacaron – YouTube

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@mikaela__caron – Twitter

Desk Setup

Links to all the gear used on my desk! My entire Amazon Store.

Mikaela's desk setup

Cool Stuff

TelemetryDeck – Privacy Focused Analytics, Get 100,000 extra signals!

CWC+ – CodeWithChris plus subscription, a great place to learn Swift and iOS development

Sean Allen’s Courses – Another amazing resource to get started with Swift and iOS development (get 25% off!)

GitKraken – A great GUI for using Git, which is essential for all projects

Dropbox – Extra 500MB free!

Figma – Design Tool for mocking up apps, get started for free

Lumina Webcam – Look amazing on any web call (extra $25 off)

CardPointers – Help keep track of the best places to earn credit card points for all your cards, 30% off the Annual and Lifetime plans!

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